The Most Effective Trends For Small Business In 2016
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The Most Effective Trends For Small Business In 2016

Are you someone who believes they can’t afford to spend money on marketing? If so, how is your business doing? Marketing costs are a necessary part of doing business. It is a crucial aspect of investing in your business’ success. If people have no way of knowing how you can help them, you would not last long. Using the smartest trends for small business will ensure your company succeeds.

If you want to learn about trends in business, start by being aware that people need to know what product or service you offer, as well as who you are. Ask yourself where your focus will be in 2016 for your small business. Do you want to improve your email marketing strategy? In a recent study by Selligent and Strongview, this is the aspect many businesses are interested in right now.

In fact, over 50 percent of the small businesses surveyed indicated that they will be increasing the budget for their email marketing efforts in 2016. Email is a great way to personally stay in contact with prospective customers. Other areas of marketing experiencing budget increases are online displays, social media, search engines, and mobile websites. This also means that businesses are investing less money into events and tradeshows, direct mail, television/radio, and print advertising.

With the results of this survey in mind, consider your own marketing budget for 2016. Are your writers aware of how to format their content for search engine optimization of your business? If they aren’t, you may want to start looking for new writers. Good writers who are well versed in SEO techniques are a key element of success for small businesses.

What Is The Most Effective Plan Trending For Small Business?

To start, you want to create business connections using email to connect you with current and potential customers. Email is the best way to get connected and engaged with these people.

The most effective messages to use in your emails are content-based. These types of messages are quick news-type bits of information that will help your customers solve problems and engage with your brand to improve the quality of their life. They include information that someone might expect to receive from a helpful friend. This means your emails should not be completely focused on making a sale. Make the focus information on how to solve common problems or other ways to make your customer’s lives easier.

As an example, if your business is focused on holistic health, specifically dealing with women and self esteem or self worth. Writing an article that includes a simple process to build up self esteem, without a hard sales pitch, you are acting as a friend of the recipient.

Utilize Social Media

Once you have encouraged and developed a good email relationship with your clients, it is time to start creating a following on social media. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can give helpful messages on how your audience can improve the quality of their life with your help. This will help encourage your viewers to not only open, but read the messages you send.

Fans of your business enjoy when you send them messages that are engaging and interesting. They aren’t interested in the day-to-day running of your business. That is not effective marketing, and many even find it boring. This will turn away fans as they don’t get anything from this information. You want to provide information your readers will find entertaining, interesting, or useful. This will ensure that your brand has a great reputation and is considered a valuable resource.

Are you looking to encourage fans to share your emails and social media posts? Be newsworthy, relevant, or even controversial. Think about the kinds of things your market would be interested in sharing with their co-workers, friends, and family members. They are looking for information that will encourage a conversation.

Marketing And Your Customer Relationship

The side of your company that manages people (as opposed the part of your company dealing with search engine ranking) is known as Customer Relationship marketing. Once you engage a new potential customer, it is important to nurture and encourage that connection. Provide plenty of information and answer any questions asked. The more engagement you are able to encourage with your customers, the better. Just stay focused on befriending them to nurture a genuine relationship that lasts a long time.

For example, if one of your potential customers takes the time to fill out one of your surveys, make sure to thank them for it. Time is something that cannot be taken back once given. Make sure they know you are grateful for the feedback and include a coupon or other freebie in a follow-up email for filling out the survey. You could also do something else as long as it benefits the potential customer and makes sure they are compensated for their time. Coupons are a great idea, as are a pre-paid debit card with a small amount of money deposited. It all depends on what fits best with your marketing budget.

Creating Superior Service That Is Customer-Oriented

In general, 2016 is showing that the best plan of action is providing customized information that helps customers. Customers want to know how you can help them get what they need, and they will be willing to pay for your services. Coaching programs are a great option. You may want to consider offering them to customers. They will be grateful for your help.

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