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Do You Need Somebody to Simplify Online Marketing for You?

Don’t give up. That is the best advice I’ve ever heard about achieving goals. When you might want to throw in the towel, that’s actually the time to get refocused. This is an important key to succeeding as a solopreneur… persevere until your goals are achieved. To achieve your business goals, it’s helpful to learn how to simplify online marketing.

Hi. My name is Beverly Taylor. Have there been times when you’ve felt massively frustrated about your online marketing efforts? Do those tasks frustrate you so much you just want to give up doing them? Have you ever been mentally stuck wondering how other’s in your niche seem to succeed while you’re doing so much work that gets you little to nothing?

If you’ve agreed with these questions, I’m here to tell you I’ve felt the same sometimes. But when I allowed myself to be distracted from reaching my goal of helping others, I felt even worse! That type of self-limiting thinking does nothing to help me achieve my business goals. And let’s face it…it doesn’t help you either.

So, you know what I do when I recognize I’m stuck, I relax and stop throwing my fit about what doesn’t work. I take some time to relax and sit and talk with my cat.

My cat is a genus you know…she never talks back to me disparagingly. She just listens, flicks her tail around a little bit and purrs. What she hears from me is “blah, blah, blah, (cat’s name)”. But it really helps me to talk with a pal that can help me change my perspective when I’m stuck.

After I get away from the things I’m doing that temporarily frustrate me, I can then regroup and refocus. And though you may not have a cat genius like I do, I’m here to tell you that you need a friend like that. We all do sometimes. Those colleagues, like my brilliant cat, help you stay focused on being the successful solopreneur you already are.

Why do I encourage you to treat with indifference “quitting” thoughts or discouraging words that keep you from being a business success? Because I know how much succeeding in your business means to you. Your niche market needs you as much as my niche market needs me.

Recall a time when you really needed someone to help you practice your spelling or your handwriting or any basic skill. Focus on how that person was there for you in the past and is probably here for you now, when you really need that help.

It’s the same in your business. The more people you tell about your business solution for a specific problem, the more you connect with people who need what you offer. When you get to help a lot of people, life just feels worthwhile, doesn’t it?

That’s right…your niche market NEEDS you! The question is, do you have the gumption and courage to be there for them? If so, you will do what it takes to deliver what you’ve promised to deliver. A solution to their problem.

And that’s what I like to do. I like to help people, especially beginners. I remember being there and the help I was given. And now I’m paying that help forward using my skills as a marketer.

Are you a beginning solopreneur wanting to live your business dream? Do you feel intimidated thinking that marketing is too technically hard for you to learn? Do you believe if somebody would just talk “plain English” instead of “techno-speak” regarding marketing, you could successfully market your business?

If you answered yes to these questions, I have good news for you. Marketing training for beginning solopreneurs is now available in a “plain English” format… just for beginners like you. And, it is being taught by an experienced marketing teacher and trainer who worked at Apple, Inc., for seven years. Her job at Apple was to teach employees how to succeed at their jobs.

Hi! My name is Beverly Taylor. The person I’m talking about is me. It’s true that I used to work at Apple. And I loved it! I loved hearing how my co-workers and colleagues could understand how to use specific software programs that helped them excel at marketing and sales. Eventually, I decided to stop working at a huge corporation, become a solopreneur and work with small business owners. And that’s what I’m doing today.

If you are a beginning small business owner (also called a solopreneur) wanting…no, NEEDING, a plain English version of how online and offline marketing works, we need to connect. I’ve created a program called Get More Clients – Now! Our first course is “Online Marketing Kickstart Training”. In this class with other beginning solopreneurs, you learn marketing training that kickstarts your business into high drive. It that meets weekly for 3 months and best yet – you study it from your own home!

Each of us has one chance, while on this earth, to live our dreams. That includes you. In our supportive, encouraging, uplifting marketing class, all the students and I help each other. Each solopreneur wants to live his or her dream. To succeed in business, it requires a marketing knowledge. And that takes training.

I know what it is to live a dream where I share my passions and talents. My passion is helping others achieve their dream. And that’s what I do in this beginning class for “newbie” solopreneurs.

Knowing WHERE to start in your marketing training can be confusing. I love the word “simplify.” And that’s why I’ve published a book where I simply explain ideas about online marketing so you can start generating leads to your business.

To get you started in your training, I’d like to give you a FREE gift. It is a digital report called Online Marketing Kickstart Tips. Here’s the link to getting your FREE ebook to start you on your training journey:

Online Marketing Kickstart Tips report

In this report you’ll discover

  • questions to get answered before getting started online
  • which 10 online marketing tools and methods to consider using
  • tips for getting started with each method

Know that living your business dream is actually your birthright. When you successfully start and operate your own small business, it’s like giving birth to your life purpose. When you see in this physical world what you’ve been dreaming of, you are no longer dreaming. You are making your dreams come real.

Living your birthright of sharing your personal talents inspires you to feel fulfilled and live a satisfied life. And, when you feel satisfied by living from your heart and soul, you may actually live longer because you feel free and happy as your authentic self.

Want to be seen as THE expert in your field? The greatest challenge small business owners have is knowing how to achieve this goal, especially online. There is no time like the present to start connecting with more people who are already looking for you. This help is available through a course called Get More Clients – Now!

The opportunities to build your business and share your deeply desired approach to solving your niche market’s problems are virtually unlimited. And I want to help you connect with those people already interested and searching for you.

Here are more details about this simplified marketing training:

“Online Marketing Kick-Start Training”

The Kick-Start course is for people who want to start from the beginning. It’s especially helpful for beginners. This is a three month class to get you set up. The difference between this very basic three month class and the Happy Heart Marketing Training is this course moves at a pace for beginners. It’s specifically designed for people who may feel intimidated about anything technical regarding online marketing.

Additionally, this class clearly explains the different pieces that put the online marketing puzzle together. You will get mini processes to follow so you can use this training again and again. This beginning class is for rank beginners. For example, you might not know what a browser is or you have little experience doing social media.

Business people can’t live in a vacuum. We need each other. When we are here for each other, we help each other succeed in business. That’s why I love conducting these marketing training classes especially for newbies. Check out what you can experience by joining our beginning solopreneur marketing training course by clicking the link below…

Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class

Business people can’t live in a vacuum. We need each other. When we are here for each other, we help each other succeed in business. That’s why I love conducting these marketing training classes especially for newbies. Check out what you can experience by joining our beginning solopreneur marketing training course by clicking the link below…

Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class

Look, the bottom line is that you and I both are part of the business community as solopreneurs. My specialty is in marketing. I believe we can help each other. Surprised? Well, I’ve found over the years that I’ve also learned a lot from my students. So, I see myself and you as being in this business success journey together?

When I left Apple, Inc, I did so because my soul was calling to me. I know that leaving Apple at that time was what was right for me. And now I loving helping the solopreneur community.

For your convenience, here are those two links again:

For your convenience, here are those two links again:

Online Marketing Kickstart Tips report

Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class

Let’s use simplicity to start your marketing training. Check out the FREE Ebook Online Marketing Kickstart Tips. It is yours to keep regardless of whether you sign up for my marketing training courses or not. Here’s the link again to get this FREE ebook…

Online Marketing Kickstart Tips report

The world is a better place with your business in it. Let’s get you the training you need so you can help as many people as you desire solve their problem using your business solution. Here is the link again to the Kickstart Marketing Training weekly marketing class again:

Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class

You can stop making business excessively hard by being in business by yourself. This marketing training course helps you be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Join our group now. At an affordable $97/month for three months (or less if you take advantage of the special rate) you’ll be generating leads and helping people sooner than later.

Let’s collaborate and strive to co-create a conscious living world. I would love to hear from you. I am a real person and I read my emails. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will answer you.

Warm regards,

Beverly Taylor

P.S. Take action now! Class starts Tuesday, October 11, 2016! Sign up Today! Here’s the link to more information about the course: Register Now!  Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class